A student must initiate a request for an "I" (incomplete) grade with an instructor by the last week of classes for traditional semester courses or before the last scheduled date of accelerated classes. The completed form must be submitted by the student to the Office of the Registrar prior to exam week or the final scheduled accelerated class meeting . An "I" (incomplete) grade is only assigned by an instructor for a student who has made significant academic progress in the course, but for a serious reason has not fulfilled all requirements. This petition may be approved or denied by the instructor. “I” Grade Petitions are available in each academic department.

If a student is unable to finish some required assignments or examinations, the student should petition the instructor for an "I" (incomplete) grade. The remaining specific assignments or examinations yet to be completed must be listed on the petition with an agreed upon completion date. The completion date must be chosen with regard to the "I" to "F" grade conversion schedule given below.

The specified student course work must be completed and submitted to the instructor no later than the completion date agreed upon by the student and instructor. If an "I" grade is not changed by the time specified in the grade conversion schedule, the "I" grade will automatically convert to an "F" (failing) grade.

“I” grades convert to “F” grades on the following schedule:

Fall semester “I” grades change to “F”

  • Last day of spring semester

Spring semester “I” grades change to “F”

  • The end of the 3rd week of fall semester

Summer session “I” grades change to “F”

  • The last day of fall semester