A student who wishes to have a double major earning one degree must satisfy all requirements for each major simultaneously. If the majors are in two different degree areas (e.g., B.A./B.S.), the single degree conferred and noted on academic records will be based upon the student’s choice of a first major. Students must complete the Core Capstone or an approved capstone course for the first major only.  No extra semester hours beyond the minimum of 120 are required. For example, a student may pursue a single degree of bachelor of science with the first major being accounting and the second major being communication studies. In this example, a minimum of 120 semester hours would be required.

If a student pursues two majors in different degree areas and elects to earn two separate degrees (e.g., B.A./B.S.), the student must earn a minimum of 30 hours in residency beyond the total hours required for one baccalaureate degree. At least 15 of these 30 additional hours must be in upper-level courses. For example, a student may earn a bachelor of science degree with an accounting major and a bachelor of arts degree with a communication studies major. For the two degrees, the students would earn a minimum of 150 semester hours. The student, in consultation with academic advisors from the degree programs, will choose which Capstone course will be completed.

The same principle is followed for the student simultaneously seeking an associate in arts and an associate in science. The student would complete 15 extra semester hours beyond the 60 semester hours required for the first associate degree, totaling 75 earned hours. The additional hours may be taken concurrently with requirements for the first baccalaureate or associate degree. Both degrees will be noted on the student’s transcript, and two diplomas will be awarded.