Lisa Crews, Ph.D., Chairperson

The Communication and New Media Studies program at Mount St. Joseph University endeavors to graduate students who are creative, ethical, and strategic in reading and writing in the new media environment. Students graduating from this program are professionals and citizens who are equipped with exceptional written, visual, oral, interpersonal, and group communication skills and knowledge to serve their communities and organizations in areas such as: social media marketing, community relations, community affairs, non-profit communications, graphic design, meeting and event planning, public relations, corporate communications and training, public health, advocacy, and beyond. Graduates of the program also possess a deep theoretical grounding in communication theories applied in practice to the areas of research, planning, design, management, and analysis of communications in the new media environment.

Students may pursue a major in Communication and New Media Studies and earn a bachelor of arts or an associate of arts degree. They may also pursue a minor in Communication and New Media Studies.

Licensure for Teachers

Students choosing a major in communication studies who also want to pursue Ohio teacher licensure must satisfy the same requirements as the major and additional requirements in humanities and in education. The pertinent Adolescent to Young Adult License (grades 7-12) is integrated language arts. A concentration in language arts is available in the Middle Childhood Licensure (grades 4-9) program. See Education.