Gene Kritsky, Ph.D., Dean of Behavioral & Natural Sciences

The Department of Computing offers a Computer Science major with a choice of concentration in either Social Computing or Application Development.The Social Computing concentration encourages a double major with Liberal Arts, Communication and New Media Studies, or Behavioral Science. However, additional majors may also be considered depending on the number of advanced placement credits the student has completed.  In addition to the major, the department offers minors in Computer Science, Data Science, and Web & Mobile App Development. Students interested in these programs should contact the Department of Computer Science. 

This program is offered for students who:

  • desire to enter into a technology-based career or bring technology into other disciplines;
  • wish to pursue career fields such as software engineering, web development, mobile application development, database design or administration, programming, digital media creation, or animation;
  • or, want to go on to graduate school in informatics, computer science, or pursue an MBA.

Majors in both Computer Science concentrations, Application Development and Social Computing, are encouraged/required to engage in a work experience related to their discipline in order to integrate skills learned in the classroom and to obtain experience that should prove valuable upon graduation. This work experience may take place within a business, industry, or other appropriate setting. In addition, all majors must complete a senior research project in which they study a relevant topic under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

Computer Science students (in all majors, concentrations, and minors) are expected to maintain a “C” or better in all required department courses (INF, MTH, NLP), and meet all requirements for the chosen minor.

Students earning a D, F, or W in any required INF or MTH course will be subject to the following action(s):

  • Student receives a warning letter from the Department Chairperson after the first D, F, or W.
  • Student is placed on departmental probation after the second D, F, or W.
  • Student is dismissed from the major after the third D, F, or W.

A student may appeal in writing the dismissal from the major to the Department Chairperson. In extenuating circumstances, the Chairperson may reinstate the student to the major. Students transferring to the Mount from another college and wishing to obtain a major in Computing must complete at least half of the credits for their major program through the Mount.