Gene Kritsky, Ph.D., Dean

The School of Behavioral & Natural Sciences offers students a wide variety of programs grounded in the liberal arts and sciences. Programs in the behavioral sciences include psychology, sociology, social work and criminology. Majoring in psychology, sociology or social work provides students with the tools to understand and improve the human condition. The sociology program emphasizes the study of cultural variations and social change in addition to a focus on family dynamics and growth and development during childhood. Students can prepare for careers in the criminal justice and legal systems through degrees in criminology. The School also offers minors in the behavioral sciences areas of criminology, victim studies, gerontology, psychology, sociology, socio-psychology and nonprofit leadership. 

In the natural sciences, the School offers degree programs in many areas of biology, chemistry and mathematics. Students seeking careers in the health sciences will gain the foundational knowledge required for advanced study though degree programs in biology, biomedical sciences, chemistry or bio- chemistry. In addition, the Mount’s Healthcare Professions Advisory Committee will help students acquire the additional skills and experiences required for successful applications to professional programs including medical, dental, veterinary, physician assistant, and physical therapy schools. These programs are also designed for students with a fundamental interest in the natural world and prepare students for careers as scientists, whether they attend graduate programs or go directly into research or industry.

For students interested in mathematics and computing, the School offers both traditional and cutting-edge programs. Degrees in computer science and web & mobile app development prepare students for careers in the fast-growing technology and data-management sectors. Students can also major in mathematics, or combine mathematics with business, chemistry or a computer science. The School also offers minors in natural science and mathematics/computing areas including mathematics, biology, chemistry, computer science, forensic science, informatics, sustainability studies and web application development.