Undergraduate seniors at Mount St. Joseph University may enroll, with written approval of their academic advisor and a graduate program advisor, in graduate courses (courses #500+), subject to the following conditions. (Note: 4+1 MBA and 3+2 SLH/MSLP students are exceptions to this policy; please see the 4+1 MBA and the 3+2 MSLP programs for more details.)

  1. Graduate courses may be cross-listed with an undergraduate course number (#100-499) to meet undergraduate academic credit/degree requirements. Graduate level courses with numbers 500 and above will not fulfill undergraduate degree requirements.
  2. Undergraduate seniors at the University may take graduate courses for graduate credit applied to a graduate academic record with the permission of the chairperson of the department offering graduate studies.
  3. Undergraduate seniors may not register for more than a combined total of eighteen (18) hours of undergraduate and graduate courses.
  4. The maximum amount of graduate credit may not exceed nine (9) hours while simultaneously pursuing an undergraduate degree.
  5. Seniors who wish to take graduate level courses under the above guidelines are advised to check with Financial Aid prior to registering.
  6. Students enrolling in graduate level courses under the above guidelines will be charged graduate level tuition.

Undergraduate seniors in their final semester of study at another regionally accredited college or university may not enroll for more than six (6) hours of graduate credit as a non-matriculated student, subject to the above restrictions.