The Honors Program at Mount St. Joseph University is a close-knit community of inquisitive, highly-motivated students and experienced faculty representing the full spectrum of liberal arts and professional curricula. Together they tailor a variety of personalized learning experiences designed to deepen intellectual inquiry and further sharpen the habits of mind foundational to the University’s mission, emphasizing excellence in academic endeavors, integration of life and learning, diversity of cultures, and service to others. Members of the community challenge one another to see connections among these perspectives and to apply them to the individual and common good.

How to Apply

To join the Honors Program, all eligible students should enroll in CORE 115H, the Honors section of Common Ground. At the midterm point of the course, students are invited to complete the application process, which includes a faculty recommendation and submission of a writing sample.

If all sections of CORE 115H are filled, eligible students or their advisor should contact the Director of the Honors Program so that the student can be registered in another appropriate first-year Honors course.

Honors students can major in any offered undergraduate program. If an Honors course does not exist in a given program or major, faculty will collaborate with the student to design extra work in a standard class to earn Honors credit. With the Mount’s small class sizes, students receive the personal attention necessary to achieve academic and personal success.

Eligibility Criteria

The Honors Program welcomes traditional undergraduate students who meet the following criteria:

  • ACT-SAT scores at the 75th percentile level.
  • Upper 25 percent class rank is preferred, but not required, as class rank numbers vary by high school.
  • A 3.2 GPA or higher.
  • High school course selections that indicate a desire and an ability to undertake vigorous academic challenges.

Honors Program Completion Requirements

Hours - 19

The requirements for graduating from the Honors Program are:

  • Completion of fifteen credit hours of Honors coursework (five 3-credit courses, for example).
  • Completion of at least nine credit hours of Honors courses at the 200-level or above.
  • Completion of at least one Honors course (3 credit hours) per academic year.
  • Grade of B or above in all courses taken for Honors credit.
  • Completion of Honors experiential sequence (HON 201 (1 hour) during the sophomore year and HON 301 (1 hour) during the junior year).
  • Completion of one service learning experience (1 hour).
  • Completion of Honors Capstone (HON 400) (1 hour) during the final semester of the senior year.
  • Maintenance of a 3.2 cumulative GPA.
  • Payment of a one-time program fee upon initial acceptance into the program.